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Hard-hardened sheets

Through us you can get hardened carbide sheets with a hardness of 400 – 600 HB.
Plate sizes 2500mm * 6000mm, thicknesses 4mm-up.

Brazed sheets

We have in stock hard-welded plates (so-called armored plates) with a hardness of 60 – 64 HRC. We finish the products to the shape you want – we cut, make the necessary holes and install the mounting sleeves in place. We also manufacture hard-coated bolts that provide long-lasting and reliable fastening to the boards.

Brazing service

If necessary, our trained and professional welders perform brazing even in demanding field conditions. In these situations, the importance of choosing the right methods and additives emerges. However, we strive to weld brazing in our workshop, where we also coat bolts and consumables used by the extractive industry.